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Endurance Home Theatre
The Endurance Home Theatre has been a long, long road to becoming a reality. This has been a dream of mine for the last 20 years. I've always had a love for movies, as I grew up watching them daily. Over time I would be introduced to many home theatres and it would be a painful process as none of them were mine. Through the years I had been piecing together what I wanted in my theatre and had a general concept in my head.

Not that there aren't other more relevant reasons to buy a house, I was finally fed up. After years of not being able to turn on my subwoofer or turn my surround sound up to an acceptable level, I had had enough. I wanted my own theatre. The home search began.

I had my realtor looking for any properties listed with a home theatre. That was a laugh. It's apparent that 90% of the population has a different definition of a home theatre. Their definition was obviously a living room with surround sound. None of the houses listed with that criteria had a theatre. Now the search began to find a house that had a room that I could build a theatre in, within my price range of course.

On September 5, 2014, I closed on my house in Riverton, Utah. At the time it was 4 bedroom, 2 bath. Three bedrooms and both bathrooms were upstairs. The fourth bedroom downstairs was newly finished. Ugh. I really wish they hadn't finished the room to sell the house. I would have gotten the house cheaper and I wouldn't have had to demolish a room someone just spent a lot of money to finish.

Once I moved in, I was planning to start construction immediately on the theatre. That's why I bought the house! An unexpected expense came up that took all the funds I had for the theatre. Yet again, the theatre wasn't going to happen. It was put on hold until I could come up with the money.

In late February 2015, after saving money and some money from work, the theatre was back to being a reality. I purchased a lot of items and worked to find someone who could do the construction.

The demolition of the room began in late April 2015 and actual construction began in early May. I was told it would be about a month project; it ended up taking over 8 months to complete due to constant delays and issues coming up.

Finally, on November 8, 2015, Endurance Theatre was completed and my dream of having my own home theatre came true.

The January 3, 2016 premiere consisted of a Star Wars Original Trilogy marathon; Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Why the name Endurance Theatre?

Endurance Spacecraft
Once the theatre was becoming a possibility, I wanted to name it. When I purchased my house, the first thought was to call it Grindstone Theatre, after the name of the street I lived on. I like that name and it's a bit edgy. However, that went against a desire to name it something based on my favorite movie, The Empire Strikes Back. I thought more of going in that direction and had Echo Base Theatre on the table at that time. However, the plans were stowed away when I then lost the money...again.

Now that the theatre was back on, I pulled out the plans I had drawn up. Written on a piece of paper were two names, Grindstone and Echo Base. Since that earlier timeframe, a new movie named Interstellar had come out. Interstellar has tied with The Empire Strikes Back as my most favorite movie. The Empire Strikes Back is more passion and nostalgic whereas Interstellar is more scientific and intellectual. There was an Interstellar item on my kitchen counter that had the Endurance spacecraft entering the wormhole. There was no question, the theatre was going to be named Endurance Theatre.

For years I have endured this desire to have my own theatre. There are so many instances and issues that have kept me from it; the name was perfect. I erased those other two names and wrote down its new name.

Construction finally began. I was told it would be about a month project, however, the construction took over 8½ months. It earned its name every day through the whole project with constant delays and problems.

There's nothing worse than everyone in your life asking the same question, When is it going to be done? I sure wish I could have answered that question when it was asked.

About Echo Base Lounge at Endurance Theatre

After enjoying the theatre for several months, I had a growing frustration regarding the limited space in the hallway, snack bar and restroom. I did not have room for all of the props, autographs and memorabilia I have acquired over the years. On March 25, 2016, work began on the Echo Base Lounge. It's a work-in-progress as I acquire new props and memorabilia as well as getting everything I currently have framed, matted, etc.

Not only did the lounge allow me an area to display these items, it has allowed for a much larger area for guests to mingle; before and after a screening.


Echo Base Lounge at Endurance Theatre


Additionally, I was able to incorporate the name Echo Base (the name of the rebel base on the planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) which I had previously considered for the name of the theatre.

What is Continuous Viewing™?

Endurance Theatre features additional screens in the snack bar and restroom. These additional screens eliminate the inconvenience of pausing the movie when a guest wants to visit the snack bar or use the restroom.

After several screenings, there have been many comments that this is one of the best features of the theatre.

A trademark? The trademark is a joke and I doubt I could really trademark the term Continuous Viewing. Every theatre features something so I thought this would be a great thing to feature. Little did I know what a welcomed feature it has become.


Photos of the snack bar and restroom Continuous Viewing™ screens:



About the Endurance Interplanetary Spacecraft

The Endurance was designed for interstellar space travel. It would need to be able to travel through wormholes, orbit planets, pass near stars and back holes, etc. All of these would be extremely taxing on the spacecraft's integrity. The ship is comprised of 12 mission modules connected by tunnels, arranged in a ring 64 meters in diameter. The connections between the modules and the tunnels are intended to flex and/or bend. By constructing it this way, the Endurance can pass near a black hole and it will flex with the gravitational pull rather than being ripped apart. This design was crucial to endure the harsh gravitational environments of interstellar space travel.


Endurance Spacecraft Diagram



About Lobby Cards

The Endurance Theatre has a mini lobby and lounge that features props, memorabilia and lobby cards.

Lobby Cards are no longer used in U.S. theatres and are rarely produced for today's films. These small movie posters (usually 11"x14" in a landscape, or horizontal format, printed on card stock) were generally produced in sets of eight, although the number of cards in a set can vary from as few as four to as many as 16.

As the name suggests, these small movie posters were designed for display in a theatre's lobby or foyer with the intention of luring patrons into the theatre by showing glimpses of key scenes from the movie. A lobby card set typically consists of one Title Card (TC), a lobby card of special design usually depicting all key stars, listing credits and designed to represent the entire film rather than a single scene, and seven Scene Cards (SC), each depicting a different scene from the movie.

Lobby Cards made their first appearance in the early 1910s around the same time that Charlie Chaplin was breaking into motion pictures. The earliest Silent-era lobby cards were often nothing more than black and white or duotone stills. These were eventually replaced by hand-tinted scenes, and by the 1920s most studios were producing full-color lobby cards.

FilmPosters.com (http://www.filmposters.com/lobby-cards.cfm)


Some of the lobby cards that are displayed/rotated in the Mini Lobby and Echo Base Lounge:

2001: A Space Odyssey - 1968

2001: A Space Odyssey — 1968


Star Wars - 1977

Star Wars — 1977


Firefox - 1982

Firefox — 1982


Uncommon Valor - 1983

Uncommon Valor — 1983


2010: The Year We Make Contact - 1984

2010: The Year We Make Contact — 1984


Stand By Me - 1986

Stand By Me — 1986


Endurance Theatre Features

Dolby Atmos




Full HD - 1080


Dolby TrueHD


DTS-HD Master Audio